Care during & after surgery or injury


If you are scheduled for surgery, have already had surgery, or are injured and need extra help during your recovery- I offer short term care services. Oftentimes we need extra support and help both during and after surgery. I offer support at the hospital and/or at home. I provide physical and emotional support: advocating for you in the hospital, supplying extra comfort measures and healthy food, assisting with physical therapy and exercise. I provide support for the entire family, as often spouses, children and parents are effected by their loved one's injury or illness. 



If you need support during pregnancy, birth and after birth,  I provide doula services. I meet with you before birth for whatever you might need: nutritional support, making a birth plan, understanding what questions to ask your doctor, or answering general questions your doctor has not answered. Basically, I tailor care to each person/family and their individual needs. I also attend hospital births, advocating in the hospital while providing physical and emotional support. And finally, I provide postpartum services including: breast feeding support, nutritional support, comfort measures and general supportive care for the family.  

home Care for aging


I offer short term home care services for all stages of the aging process. If you yourself are aging and need a little extra help, I provide basic practical care services tailored to your individual needs.  If you have an aging family member living with you and you need to take a day off, or your regular care giver is unavailable, I can fill in. I provide care across the spectrum: from the healthy in need of a little extra help to those receiving hospice care. 

I only take one client at a time for these services. Since my availability is limited, please contact me by email at to schedule.