homeopathic consultations


For acute/emergency cases

For issues such as: bites, broken bones, burns, bruises, colds, flus, headaches, localized infection, allergic reaction & acute emotional distress, I will prescribe based on the injury itself & the specific symptoms you are experiencing, often without need for a detailed personal history. 

For chronic/long standing cases

 I take a detailed history of your case and will determine remedies based on the changing picture of your symptoms as your body strives to heal itself. The amount of illness, accident, injury & stress you have experienced in your lifetime combined with your overall health at the time of your birth and your current diet and exercise routine- determine the length & course of treatment.



Many remedies can be purchased through your local health food store or natural medicine shop.

If you live on Maui you can purchase a 4 oz tincture remedy from me for $10*. If you live somewhere else, I will happily mail your remedy to you for $15* -shipping included. I do not offer individual remedies for sale online,  so please contact me directly if you wish to purchase a single remedy. You can also purchase remedies through HAHNEMANN LABORATORIES who offer a large selection of high quality remedies and fast shipping. 

I have hand -made, basic, family-use  SOFT ROLL REMEDY KITS  available for purchase.  Each kit contains 5 to 10 remedies. They are all unique and fit easily into your purse or the glove compartment of your car. Great for home-use,  on-the-go and traveling!  Click on my STORE tab to view the kits.

For more extensive kits with 50 to 100+ remedies, you can purchase  HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY KIT from  LOTUS HEALTH INSTITUTE or a HOME REMEDY KIT or EMERGENCY KIT from HAHNEMANN LABORATORIES. If you are planning on using homeopathic medicines regularly,  these kits are essential to have on hand.I highly recommend purchasing a kit to have on hand for emergencies.



 If you are TAKING THE REMEDY YOURSELF, YOU CAN TOUCH the pellets or water-based remedy all you want. If you are NOT TAKING THE REMEDY YOURSELF, but administering it to a child or someone else, DO NOT TOUCH THE REMEDY. 

Remedy bottles should only be opened when you are going to use them.

Remedies are NOT sensitive to heat or cold. They ARE sensitive to excessive sunlight and fragrance so keep them in closed case or cupboard away from strong scents.

Do not use essential oils at the same time you use homeopathic remedies. CAMPHOR in particular will NULLIFY almost any remedy. Stay away from tiger-balm and other camphor products when using homeopathic remedies. 

If you drink COFFEE, it is better to take your homeopathic remedy at least an hour AFTER drinking the coffee. In general it is better to stay away from coffee and strong mints when taking the remedies. Life is unpredictable, however, and it is better to take the remedy than not. The effect of the remedy will be stronger without certain variables, but will still be effective overall.



Remedies are typically derived from plants, herbs, minerals and animal products. Remedies can be made from just about anything, even elements without substance such as moonlight and/or air pollution. Homeopathic medicines are manufactured by repeatedly diluting and succusing (shaking) a preparation of the original substance in water and alcohol. After the process of dilution, the medicine is added to lactose pellets.  


Remedies come in pellet form or water based potencies in many strengths. 6c, 30c and 200c are the most often prescribed dosages and can be found in most stores and online. They are administered in pellet or water-based form. For more chronic problems, LM and M dosages are also used. These dosages are usually not as readily available but should be able to be purchased through a Homeopath or Naturopath.

extra Research

 If you are interested in digging deeper into understanding homeopathic potencies: A good explanation of potencies click here: Three Scale of Potency (Please note that this article uses the letter "Q" in place of "LM").  For a good resource with explanation of the difference between C and LM potencies click on title to read  "A Comparision of the C and LM Potency 5th & 6th Organon" by David Little.  For more information on the use of low-dose remedies dispensed in water, click on Robin Murphy's podcast for an excellent source of information on the subject. 

Homeopathic Philosophy



Homeopathic medicine is based upon the premise that the body inherently knows the best way to heal itself. The symtpoms the body displays when sick or injured are not a disease process to be treated. The symptoms the body displays when sick or injured are signposts of the body's natural reaction to some kind of pathogen. Instead of trying to supress or stop the body's natural reaction to a disease process as most allopathic medicine does (anti-biotic, anti-histamine, anti-anxiety etc.), homeopathic medicines mirror the reaction the body is already having, increasing the momentum & speed of the body's own healing process.

The prescription of a homeopathic remedy is based on the Law of Similars. The remedies are chosen by matching a kaleidoscope of physical, mental and emotional features to the substance (plant, mineral or other) that when ingested or exposed to, causes the same constellation of symptoms in a healthy person. A diluted or vibrational form of the plant, mineral or subtance that most closely mimics a person's symptoms is given to speed the body's already established process of "righting" or "balancing" itself. 

After the dilution process, homeopathic remedies contain less than a molecule of their original substance. They are safe to use and can be purchased without prescription.  There are several theories as to how homeopathic remedies work, yet no concrete scientific explanation has been agreed upon. Some postulate that certain concepts introduced in quantum physics can be applied to explain homeopathic medicine. Despite lack of an agreed upon scientific explanation, there is scientific research to support the efficacy of homeopathy.  If you are interested in reading more formal research on homoepathy and related theories, click the following link for links to comprehensive clinical, laboratory, safety and cost benefit studies: The Society of Homeopaths or here for a list of journal articles: Scientific Research in Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicine can be used alone or in conjunction with allopathic medicine, herbal supplements, acupuncture and other modalities. There are certain diseases and pathologies that become so toxic to the system, the body cannot reverse the disease process and although it is making its best effort, it is unable to heal itself. In these situations allopathic treatment is appropriate and necessary. Even though the philosophies appear to oppose one another, homeopathic medicine can be helpful in situations where standard allopathic medical treatment is necessary. The homeopathic remedy is a complementary component in any disease/healing process by supporting the entire physical & emotional makeup of a person. Homeopathic remedies relieve and lessen discomfort at any stage of illness or injury, including during use of and adherence to standard allopathic medical treatments.