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My work as an intuitive is based on clairvoyant images, clairaudient messages and inner impressions. I will share the images & messages I receive and will guide you to find meaning in these impressions. Based upon the information received, I will help you to clarify and align your desires, intent and direction. I look at and read different relationship situations, geographical locations and physical structures/buildings.  Intuitive sessions are different than psychic readings in that I rarely see a specific outcome in these sessions. I will share with you impressions given current placements and can assist you in understanding the different possibilities available to you. I will assist you in applying the information received directly to your life situation. 

I work with any subject you wish to explore: relationships, health, finance, work, family, housing, relocation. I do not require a lot of background information. It is helpful if you have several questions in mind before starting your session with me. Having specific questions (or question) will help me focus in on your current situation more quickly, allowing you to get the most out of your reading.  If you do not have a specific question, I will see what presents and share what appears. It is likely to be more generalized.

With the intuitive consulting, I am working with impressions & images, using a fluid/subjective approach to uncovering information that will promote self-awareness and well-being.