I offer several services which can be separated or overlap depending on your individual healthcare needs.                                                                      


 A way to tap into inner guidance: promoting emotional and mental clarity, physical health as well as a deepened sense of well being.  


A form of natural medicine that treats the physical body as well as the mental/emotional state of a person by encouraging and enhancing the body's innate instinct to self- correct, heal and restore balance.                                                 


Short term practical in home & hospital care services provided after physical injury, before, during and after surgery, before during and after childbirth and throughout the aging process. Basic care to restore & maintain comfort and HEALTH.



We come into life with a natural energy, strength and vigor which is determined by many components: our anscestral and karmic heritage, our mother's health during pregnancy, the ease of our birth. This natural source of energy serves as a base for our general health. Stresses on our bodies, minds and emotional states due to illness, accident, trauma and environmental elements diminish our ability to tap into our own source of vitality and energy. 

With intuitive healing practices, homeopathic treatment and practical supportive health care, we can work through layers of imbalance, relieving and lessening unnecessary stress on the mind and body. We can rediscover our original energy source and strengthen ourselves. By following the body's instinctual healing and aging processes, we enhance our inherent ability  to heal ourselves, to restore our natural vitality, to find comfort in our bodies and fortify our ROOTS.


Flowers- Maintaining & Enhancing Natural Vitality

Health can be maintained and enhanced through the choices we make each day. Eating foods that nourish the body, exercising to strengthen ourselves, sitting quietly to calm our senses, spending time outside in nature, stretching to stay flexible, getting enough sleep each night, are practical things we can do to help maintain our emotional, mental, physical health and increase our stamina.  

Intuitive and homeopathic health practices enhance and support healthy diet, sleep and exercise routines.  Together, these practices help the mind and body reach an overall state of balance. 

Supporting ourselves with healthy living choices, even when we are feeling fine, increases our ability to thrive during times of stress. In caring for ourselves in these basic ways, we will encourage our bodies, minds and hearts to FLOWER.